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About Agile Gurus

Agile Gurus is everything you need to up your agile game to compete and sustain in today's cutting edge world.

We are an organization, an institution and a group of trainers, coaches and agilists who believe in agile being a framework to help improve your delivery process and your organization's culture. We don't like to play just by the book, we play by experience, we play by whats real. We can help your enterprise transformation by applying proven models, tools, and approaches. It absolutely makes a huge difference in your business, productivity and culture, making you stand out in the crowd. Our servant leaders are passionately ready to help you with your agile journey.

Being a silver partner with scaled agile, gives us that extra edge over our competition.

The question is, are you ready?


Courses We Offer

Scrum Master 4.6

Advanced Scrum Master 4.6

Implementing SAFe 4.6

SAFe for Government

SAFe Product Owners-Product Managers

Leading SAFe

SAFe for DevOps

SAFe Release Train Engineer


Meet The Coolest Team

Our Trainers are one of the best out there, with more than a decade of expertise in federal, healthcare, financial, telecom, consulting and a lot more industries

Come train and learn from the gurus who create leaders in the world.

Our Values:

To have fun while we train and coach people and help organizations with their agile transformation. We truly believe in adapting to people's and corporate's need and help them use agile framework as it was meant to be

Rahul Kataria


With over 9 years of Experience, woking with Fortune 100 clients/companies: Capital One, Lockheed Martin and Freddie Mac, Agile guru Rahul has an extensive knowledge and experience with SAFe and helping organizations with their Agile Transformation. Rahul, as a trainer and a coach, brings with him a wide variety of best practices that Most organizations implement in their Agile Journey

Lindsey Yeadon


With a decade of experience in coaching teams to deliver value to customers using Agile Framework, Agile Guru Lindsey is passionate about training and sharing her knowledge to help continue to spread Agile practices including SAFe.

Reha Malik


Agile Guru Reha is an experienced agile practitioner with over 12 years of experience in the IT industry.  

Known best for her motivational and humorous teaching techniques. She is a frequent conference speaker and keep’s herself involved with the local agile community to keep a tap on the latest and ongoing changes in the agile community. 

Anand Francis


Agile guru Mr.Francis is a passionate agilist with a proven track record of successfully transforming struggling IT organizations through the posture of servant leadership, collaboration, and quality talent acquisition practices. Mr.Francis brings lean agile principles to life in his courses through real world experiences and engagement.

Arun Yeruva


Agile Guru Arun believes that Agile and SAFe are transforming the world of work and passionate people will lead that change. His goal as a trainer is to help you discover SAFe Agile and how it can help you transform your world.

Saba Shaikh


Agile Guru Saba has been helping organizations in their agile journey for more than 6 years and as a trainer her goal is to help people understand how Agile can help them and their organizations deliver value


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